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Our Philosophy

What do Ronaldo and Messi have in common? They are high performing athletes at the top of their game.  They got there by having their talent groomed, through guided  training and coaching.   And they were placed in roles on teams that allow them to shine.  They are in their ideal jobs.  We believe that this is what you must do if you are looking for your ideal job.

An ideal job is one in which the employee and  employer find meaning and value.

Once you are prepared as a candidate, we work to provide the environment in which this relationship is realized by facilitating the meeting of the two parties.  Employers locate qualified high potential employees, while employees are prepared and presented for their ideal jobs.

We are not just an employment agency. Let us groom, train and coach you to your ideal job.  We prepare the candidate through assessments, training and coaching before we present him/her to the potential employer, thereby ensuring high rates of successful hires.

Our Story

Since 1999, VIPCG has been helping employees and employers find one another thereby facilitating successful careers and helping organizations find the employees they need to succeed.  Employers and prospective employees rely on our services because:

  • We have a robust job readiness and recruitment model that have been proven successful over and over again.
  • We conduct individual recruitments as well as mass recruitments for the private and public sectors. NIMC and FAAN (and a host of others) have trusted with their recruitment with successful results.
  •  Our handholding approach ensures that employees talents are put forward and recognized for the value they bring.

Meet Our Leadership Team

We have a strong team of Human Resource Management and Organization development Professionals led by innovative and creative team.


VICKY Idoko-Pope


Vicky is an Organization Development Specialist with more than two decades of experience on 3 continents.  She has a Masters Degree from American University, Washington DC, USA.  She is a masterful coach and trainer.


John Ibebunjo

Recruitment Specialist

John is a Human Resource Management Specialist with 15 years experience in the private and public sector.  He has a Masters degree in Human resource Management


Agatha Thomas

Entrepreneurship Development Specialist

Agatha has two Masters Degree from UK and Nigeria.  With over 30 years experience developing and coaching business owners  and new entrepreneurs in the UK and Nigeria .

Next Steps...

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